One of the most enjoyable things about my job is the variety of people I meet: entrepreneurs, designers, from all over the world in a range of industries.

You’ll find below a selection of my recent projects, both web sites and business solutions.

Feel free to contact me for more details.


Link: https://www.mexperience.com

Short description: Mexperience is an award-winning web site providing extensive information about living, lifestyle and real estate in Mexico.

Link: https://www.housesitmexico.com

Short description: In 2016 I was responsible for rebuilding HouseSitMexico, a house sitting web site which has been in operation since 2008.…

Link: http://www.stylisticdesign.com

Short description: I handled the programming and WordPress development as part of a team at Stylistic to build a unique theme with…


Short description: I worked with Tony to redevelop his site in WordPress in 2016. The site displays hundreds of posters, organised into…

Link: http://www.topcraftconstruction.co.uk/

Short description: A wordpress site with plugins developed specifically to provide functionality that is needed to fulfill a design brief.

Link: http://www.cogentcomm.biz/

Short description: A customised WordPress design and integration with Vimeo with a video portfolio.


Short description: In association with Stylistic Design, I developed an e-commerce system that would generate a PDF with a diagram and the…


Short description: A Drupal application for the largest mushroom farm in Quebec, Canada. The system was needed to receive alerts from a…


Short description: I developed an administration system for managing leads and customer relationships for the Mexperience web site. Leads are fed from…


Short description: A Certification module integrated with PHPBB Forum Software. Based on the scores entered through the admin, certificates and PDFs are…