Today most of my work is with WordPress. I recommend it to my clients for a number of reasons: It is completely open source; it is a well-supported, popular system with many available themes and plugins. It is well designed, and easy for end users to master.

If you have never heard of, or understood what WordPress is, here is a little primer…

A brief introduction to WordPress: WordPress is a bit like an operating system for a web site. You can build a web site from scratch, but it takes much more time and is much more complicated. WordPress handles many of the basic nuts and bolts, much like Windows or Linux does on your PC.

A simple, fresh installation of WordPress provides you with a very basic site where you can add pages, blog posts and make some basic changes to the site.

But once installed, WordPress can be extended with themes or plugins.:

  • Themes are site designs: You can build your own, download a free one or pay for a premium theme.
  • Plugins are PHP programs that interact with WordPress to add functionality to a site. There are thousands of free and premium plugins available.

Sometimes you can find everything you need just by installing ready-made themes and plugins. But every web site and every business is different, and sometimes a plugin may not do everything you need. Or it may not do it exactly how you need it to.

In that case, I can help. I have experience in creating custom plug-ins that are tailored exactly to what you need. Sometimes we can work on and extend the functionality of an existing plugin, or sometimes we may need to create a completely new plugin to do what you need.

I also build themes, and have worked with many talented designers to turn their concepts into real themes that can be installed on WordPress sites.

Please contact me today and we can have a chat about your precise needs and find the solution that’s right for you.